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The baths in Bath, UK
Tower of London
The palace in London
Happiest place on earth, disneyland
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Rialto bridge in venice
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May 092013

Iron Man to the rescue,” to paraphrase Pepper Potts, Iron Man’s girlfriend.  I loved this movie. There was such heart, soul, and vulnerability here.  Some great lessons and no, I’m not giving you the plot.  I’m no spoiler.

There were some golden nuggets in this movie and I gave myself the time to explore and rely on my curiosity to sift through the treasures.  You might be curious yourself about what I found. What was revealed was the hero resides in you and me.  The Iron Man is your hero that when allowed, will rescue you from yourself, your saboteurs, and outside influences.  Your hero will rescue you and guide you until you don’t need her any more.  The hero will keep you safe when you bare your soul and soften any fall, like falling into a large white fluffy comforter. The hero will be there when you call, you just have to make the call. It’s then the hero’s job to  get the saboteurs to step aside and help you.

How is your Iron Man called to the rescue? Do you know when to call your hero?  When do you need your hero the most?


Coach Sue

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