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Jan 222013


Do I hear $1 million?  Do I hear $2 million?  SOLD for $3.25 million to the person on the phone!  My husband and I were having a fun day of exploring after our experience at Michaan’s Auctions of this Tiffany lamp for $3.25 million.  Flabbergasted, we went on our way to something a little more in our price range; an estate sale.  Nothing purchased.  Then my very curious husband said, “Let’s go wine tasting!”  I was open to it, and we were on to our next little adventure.  My husband, looked toward the water at the Alameda Air Station (Mythbuster’s is filmed here) and caught a glimpse of something that peaked our interest.  A large sailboat we thought might be here in the SF bay area for the America’s Cup.  Since we thought that was cool we jumped at the chance to see it.  We found a parking place and with anticipation walked over to the sailboat.  We thought it was very cool as we saw the crew remove the sail from the boat.  667ASS4AGE4U  A very serendipitous moment.  This was a day of unexpected pleasures.

When we get stuck in a rut, it’s time to get moving.  Just taking a first step to something a little different leads you to unexpected pleasures.  When you stretch your curiosity muscle, you get a chance to see how the other half lives, experience a different culture, and bring a new perspective into your messiness.  The fog starts to clear up a bit until you see the sunshine come through and clarity pops up to give you a vision into something new.

Unexpected pleasures bring a lightness in my step and  a curiosity to know more.  When was the last time you experienced an unexpected pleasure?  When was the last time you got curious enough to find an unexpected pleasure?  Share your unexpected pleasure with me and others and experience the memory all over again.

Get curious with me.



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