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Jun 262013

Smoke stack pumping out steam and Larry’s eyes glaze over.  If he was a child (which of course sometimes I think he truly is), he would be jumping up and down waiting for the train to leave with him on it.  This is just one of the out of the way adventures my husband takes me.  So what happens because of this?  I see out of the way places (sometimes way out of the way) with my own twist.  I see life differently than my husband and through my different lens, I see things he doesn’t.  For example, when we went to a copper smelting plant in Tucson, AZ, my excitement was to see my first ever roadrunner (Beep Beep!) and my great excitement on that event was to see a week old mustang foal.  On my quest to pick Larry up this particular sunny morning, I was wondering why the cars stopped in front of me.  Then I saw them; I was gifted with the sighting of the smallest quail babies I’ve ever seen.  There were probably 20+ baby quail about an inch high.  They were so cute scurrying about!

Perspectives give you the opportunity to see life, an object, a person through different lenses.  When you look at a tea cup from one side you may see a design, shape, and no handle, from another angle you may see the handle and only a portion of the design.  The same can be said for shapes and sizes of people, culture, how others view their own life, and political views.  When you mix it all up it can be quite complex and multifaceted. What’s important about this?  It’s important for connection to happen with someone. It’s important to develop an understanding of what you see and who they are.  You may not agree with their perspective, but at least you give a person the right to have their own opinion and beliefs.  Everybody wants to be heard just like you.

By looking through my own lens, I get the opportunity to view life differently.  That in itself is a gift. What gift do you give or receive by looking through a different lens?  What do you do with that takeaway? I take it all in and then put it through my own filter and see what changes.

I’d love to hear what changes for you!




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  1. What changes is my whole world view when I look through a different lens.

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