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Jul 242013

Hearing the town crier make this joyous announcement of the the baby royal brings a smile to my face. It marks a new generation and a normalcy, if you will, to this crazy world. What is more natural than a mother birthing a baby? You hear the cheers and the celebration in the streets. Everyone is excited about the royal birth.

Your body changes when a smile crosses your face. In the June 25,2012 guest blogger for Psychology Today, Sarah Stevenson wrote in There’s Magic In Your Smile, “For starters, smiling activates the release of neuropeptides that work toward fighting off stress (3). Neuropeptides are tiny molecules that allow neurons to communicate. They facilitate messaging to the whole body when we are happy, sad, angry, depressed, excited. The feel good neurotransmitters dopamine, endorphins and serotonin are all released when a smile flashes across your face as well (4). This not only relaxes your body, but it can lower your heart rate and blood pressure. The endorphins also act as a natural pain reliever – 100% organically and without the potential negative side effects of synthetic concoctions (4). Finally, the serotonin release brought on by your smile serves as an anti-depressant/mood lifter (5). Many of today’s pharmaceutical anti-depressants also influence the levels of serotonin in your brain, but with a smile, you again don’t have to worry about negative side effects – and you don’t need a prescription from your doctor.” This reminds me of a very old song, written by Doug Gillet and Charlie Chaplin, “Smile and the World Smiles with You…” Have you ever noticed that?

So celebrate your life every chance you get; big events, small events, something as simple as hearing a bird sing. Take an opportunity to smile, laugh, and celebrate and see what you notice. What happens within your body, on your face, and when you encounter someone along the way. You have the power to change your day and somebody else’s too.

Post here with your responses of what happens. I’d love to hear the results of your own experiment.


Coach Sue

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  1. This has been a lifelong activity for me. My smile is one of my most treasured features. So good to know that smiling is doing so MUCH for me!

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