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The baths in Bath, UK
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Happiest place on earth, disneyland
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Rialto bridge in venice
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Jan 242013


Raise a glass of champagne and ding!  When you picture that moment and hear that sound, what comes up for you?  For me it is about celebration.  I try to celebrate every moment I can.  I have had my challenges and now I am grateful they are in the past. For when I am past the challenges, I get to look back and say “I learned…,” or I am grateful…”

Looking at the perspective of gratefulness brings to mind the opposite of survival.  It takes you from the perspective of being a survivor (like in the television show “Survivor”) to the perspective of thriving.  When you thrive you have no room for surviving.  Surviving just creates the groundbreaking event for thriving.  There’s no pity party here.  In thriving there’s a party everyday.  There’s a connection created between you and others for taking strides to make a difference.  Wow, what a powerful place to make change happen!

I like to come from a place of thriving and celebrate what has happened and what is happening now.  What can you celebrate today?  What do you want to celebrate tomorrow?

I raise my glass to you.




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  1. Just lovely, Sue.

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