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The baths in Bath, UK
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Happiest place on earth, disneyland
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Aug 292013

Picture yourself walking through a magical door into your outrageously ideal world. It’s full of lifelong dreams, people you love or will love, a perfect job, adventure, or maybe even visualizing yourself as a life-like James Bond or Oprah Winfrey. This is the gift of the freedom, or free will. When you are free to make decisions based on available choices (and there are many), you are free to live your dream, without guilt or worry.

Free will is attractive to me. It is a sense of flying wherever I want; a sense that I can make any decision I want without worry. With that said, free will possesses 2 caveats, the accountability factor, and the ability to change your mind. Accountability of course, is taking responsibility for any decisions. The good part is….. yes, you can change your mind if you didn’t get the result you wanted with your first, second, third, or any number of choices. Flexibility and trust now present, create a sense of freedom. That’s the beauty of free will.

What does free will mean to you? How do you feel when you give yourself permission to change your mind? Sounds pretty powerful to me. I want the power of free will. What about you? Do you want to live your life stuck with a decision you made, or be free to make another choice that is more meaningful to you?

I am skipping to a playful tune like a child, enjoying life, knowing I make my choices freely. Skip with me and feel free to be you.



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