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Feb 052013

Yesterday the 49ers lost to the Baltimore Ravens.  Although the 49ers lost, I am proud what they accomplished with such a young quarterback.  The controversy and “friendly” sparring between the Harbough brothers was all in good fun and they obviously cared about each other.  This and one of the commercials for the Super Bowl has given me continued faith in humankind and faith that even us in midlife can have hope.

One of the drawbacks about life experience is that it gives a perspective that can be jaded.  Some memories are fond and others “not so much.”  What would you give to have the fond memories outweigh the “not so much” ones?  With the “not so much” memories our brains often go to that place of fear and creating scenarios we can’t forget, further nailing the head on the coffin.  What if, you take those “not so much,”  memories and put them in the context of bringing back faith in humankind?  Let’s see… what if by seeing the positive side of humankind (and I so believe there is more here than in what the media tells us) and realizing humankind is more caring and compassionate than what we are led to believe?  Take a look at this Super Bowl commercial and then let me know what you believe?

I have faith in humankind even more now in midlife than I did in my younger years.  Life is good as I see it.  I also see that with few exceptions, people try to do the right thing and have the best of intentions.  I’d love to  hear your thoughts.



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