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The baths in Bath, UK
Tower of London
The palace in London
Happiest place on earth, disneyland
Delicate Arch
Rialto bridge in venice
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Jun 202013

Drifting, floating, no end in sight. No horizon, lost in the flexibility of chaos. No purpose = no direction. Purpose… I see the light ahead, the horizon and the promise of something more. Something with substance that has meaning for me… that gives me breath and life, that fills me up with curiosity, wonder, and a path of choice… of direction.

Some of you may have a clue about your purpose and what it represents. Purpose is about finding not seeking. You might ask yourself, “What is my purpose?” or “How do I find my purpose?” Knowing your purpose starts with you. Knowing what you value gets to the heart of the matter. For values give you a compass to explore more, to be a finder and enlightened to what fills you up. When you start digging a little deeper you know what “feels” right and the compass guides you to that special place of where you belong. When finding your place in the world the scariness of, “what, why, and how,” become less important because your purpose shines a light on your answers. Purpose is about taking what you innately know, and opening it up to possibility knowing… the horizon and your path feels like home.

Finding your purpose gives you a sense of why you are here and how you fit in the world. I encourage you to step into your purpose and find your place to shine.



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  1. I LOVED that video. I am the sanctuary fountain that restores yours and my soul.

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