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May 012013

When I work with clients I usually have them work on definitions of what they believe in.  One of clients recently came up with a definition that surprised her.  Until she had taken the time to sit down to actually define what these words meant to her, she had no idea where they would take her.  Now she has more clarity with what is in front of her and what needs more focus.  What a gift she has given herself.  Recently, I did that too with the definition of courage and adventure.  I had defined them before, and now I found the definitions had changed.  Courage now means permission and adventure now means curiosity.  So, Courage to Adventure Coaching is about giving myself permission to be curious about everything, especially you.

When I was introduced to this concept of defining words, I took the structured approach; looking the definitions up in Webster’s Dictionary (or wiktionary in many cases).  This gives me a standard, book ready, definition, and although it means something to me, when I give a word my own definition it takes on new meaning and I can embody it.  I can embrace it and within that context, it becomes part of me.  A part of me I’m unlikely to forget most of the time.  Other times it becomes such a part of me that I forget that I even needed a definition.  I am all for experimenting with words, photos, coming up with ideas of what could be happening behind the scenes and possible scenarios.  This sings creativity to me.  It brings my permission to be curious out to the forefront of my thinking.  Play time ensues and I get to come up with so many different scenarios.  All could be the truth, and then it would be who’s truth?

Courage to adventure takes me to new places with a re-definition of the words.  This creates a space for me to play and give you more of who I really am and giving you the same permission. 

I’m holding a space for you to create, play and redefine who you think you really are.  Who do you think you are and who do you want to be?  Play with your re=definitions and  see where it takes you.  Play with who you want to be.  When you experiment with the possibilities,  a space opens up to who your truly authentic self is.  Where will your curiosity take you?

Cheers to a new meaning for your life!

Sue Bock


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