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The baths in Bath, UK
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Apr 172013

Recently, I learned more about a classmate and friend. We were thrown together by fate for a project (which is another story). My impression or assumption of her initially is that she is a straight shooter and when the chips are down she will tell you what she thinks. An admirable trait. Being thrown together on this project took my assumptions to a new level. There are parts about my friend that are totally unexpected and although may not have surprised me it made me want to scratch my head and go, mmmmm, ok. Then we laugh and laugh about just being silly. That part feels oh so fun.

Dropping your assumptions about someone brings your relationship to a whole new level. Your connection becomes stronger, you can relax, and the façade drops away. In the process, your veil drops to the floor as well and you get a little closer. Your relationship develops into something more accepting, deeper, and forgiving. You find you have more in common than you thought and you bond. Your support bubble becomes bigger and some place softer to land or just bouncy, meaning you pick yourself up faster. You get that leg up and that hand up that you needed. Something to celebrate and go “aaaahhhh.”

Letting someone a little closer creates something bigger than yourself. A creative environment which you build upon each other like a pyramid.

Come be creative with me. Come a little closer and get to know me. I’m ready to give you a hand up or a leg up, whichever you need most.

Let’s build your creation story together.




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