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Dec 142014

Lights twinkle on our beautiful Christmas tree that stands tall in our living room. As we unwrap each ornament and place them on the tree, we also watch a favorite Christmas movie. We found the The Muppet Christmas Carol and just had to watch this classic, and as some reviewer said, “too good for kids.” [...]

Dec 102014

Christmas decorations burst out of the Christmas storage boxes onto the chair, table, and sofa like a bad flu bug. After working 2 very long and exhausting nursing work days, I just look at the beautiful decorations with tired eyes and little enthusiasm. It’s time to take a day off so that I can rally [...]

Nov 232014
A Grateful Thanksgiving

  Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. ~ Melody Beattie As you enjoy the beauty of friendship [...]

Nov 162014
Prepare like a Girl Scout

I look at my upcoming ICU schedule and my face gets sad. Yes, I must be scheduled for Thanksgiving and my husband, although sad too, understands this necessary “evil” for my nursing job. What does that mean for Thanksgiving this year? PUNT! Being be prepared like a Girl Scout is the mode I am jumping [...]

Oct 192014
Lesson from Mother Nature

Red, green, yellow, and orange peak out amongst the branches. Mother Nature is adapting to our continuing drought with an early fall. My cat’s winter hair is already in place and ready to go. “They” say, we’ll have a heavy winter this year. I know we certainly could use a heavy snowfall and rainfall here [...]

Oct 182014
Find Time for Yourself

Each year the 6 of us renew our friendship. There’s some sort of magic in our bond. It’s been decades since we were in college and here we are again, catching up, laughing, and remembering old times. We’ve held each other through weddings, marriages, divorces, births,…and deaths. Staying in touch gives each of us something [...]

Oct 012014
Working Mother Denies Superwoman Syndrome

When I was growing up, there was a popular ad for Enjoli “The 8-hour perfume for the 24-hour woman.” She was a professional working woman, dedicated mother, and still a sensual partner. She wasn’t a superhero. She was the embodiment of the woman we were meant to be. She was the ideal woman. Today we [...]

Sep 102014

Finally, we’re off after a mad dash to pack for our 1 night camping trip. We’re always packed for camping since we have storage tubs ready to go with camping supplies. We arrive at our destination a couple of hours away and find…flies. Flies and more flies; we feel like Pigpen from the Peanuts comic [...]

Sep 022014
Dreams are Meant to be Lived

Sunset. Everybody crowds along the wall of the Trocadero, waiting, waiting. Joining the crowds, we are impressed by the sheer magnitude of the steel beams as if like an erector set, the light changes and so does the view.  We start chatting with your fellow travelers and share your lives like you’re best friends. We [...]

Aug 292014
The Moon and the Stars

Wow!  I am at a loss for words when I look at the moon and all it’s surfaces through a powerful telescope.  My husband and I took a token camping trip to Fremont Peak State Park about 90 minutes from here last year.  Fortune smiled on us and we got a camping site with a [...]