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Apr 152014
Heroes Through Courageous Acts

Wow! I’m impressed! As I continue to hear my friend’s story my thoughts turn to OMG, then outrage, and then compassion. Her story weaves and turns like the good storyteller that she is. In the story she shares a piece of her life that encompasses the seductiveness of power, the climax, and the heroine walking [...]

Apr 062014

Years ago, as I drive toward home, I finally accept that I will live my life alone and I am OK with that. I will live my life as I want without being in a relationship with a man. I am financially able to take care of myself and I am adult enough to make [...]

Apr 022014
Spring in your step

Everyone by now is seeing the signs of spring. This is the time to notice the freshness of the weather and new beginnings. So, we decided to take on a new project…re-landscaping the backyard. A start of something new and a creation of an outdoor sanctuary. The plants have seen better days and we just [...]

Mar 242014
Nurses eat their Young

I look into the eyes of my student nurse for the light bulb moment. I look for some recognition that what I just said made sense. There it is!  The excitement, the look of, “I’ve got it!” Then the flood of emotions from the student nurse, the curiosity, the “I want to jump in,” look. [...]

Mar 162014
Giving Voice to Others, Level 8

Who are these people? Where do I fit in? Am I in competition? When I first walked into my Leadership Retreat through The Coaches Training Institute, I didn’t know what to expect. I was in this room of 20+ strangers and I was thinking, “How will this be different from my coach training?” Well, since [...]

Mar 092014
The Dream Reached, Level 7

Alone, my confidence was at a low.  After being in a marriage for 15 years, I had to learn what it was like to make all the decisions myself.  I had to learn that I had no one to lean on and I was the only one I could depend on… and be accountable to.  [...]

Feb 272014
The Full Package, Level 6

As I ask my husband this question he gives me this look, like, “Are you kidding me? Do you really want me to answer that question?”  “Do I look Fat?” is one of the dreaded questions by all men, because no matter what they say, they’re doomed. My husband is now well trained to say, [...]

Feb 192014
Knowledge Seeker, Level 5

There it is in all its grandeur. I can’t believe I’m here, actually. It looks strong and graceful at the same time. How did the architect know just how to create such a combination? What inspired him to build such an amazing erector set structure? Everybody around me is also in awe, especially as dusk [...]

Feb 182014
All About You, Level 4

Face down, I lay naked under warm covers on a warm bed. She enters the room and starts her ritual of giving me time to relax. This is my time. My time to spend with my favorite masseuse, Kasey Kiyabu, of Splendore. I sink into a quiet meditation and let thoughts float by. I am [...]

Feb 102014
Holding from the Heart – Level 3

My makeup is on, my hair is perfect, my man is waiting for me below in the garden of the Villa Marco Polo in Victoria, British Columbia. It’s my wedding day to my soul mate. I am so happy that I can just burst. I almost cry, but I don’t want to mess up my [...]