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The baths in Bath, UK
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Feb 192013

I am excited! There he is on stage!  Ready to speak! My travel guru Rick Steves is making an appearance!  Ok, I’m a travel geek. Travel is my passion and this is why I attended the Travel and Adventure Show in Santa Clara, CA. A friend of mine challenged me, knowing I was going to live my passion that day, to network with strangers. A big gulp for me. What I accept is that I have to seize the moment as they say, and go with it.

My life is accepting my courageousness and living from there. Everyday I am presented with this challenge and I know there are opportunities that I grab by the horns and other times where I let them pass me by. Understanding who I am and where I come from is the key.  When you accept who you are and where you have traveled (figuratively), you find your capabilities, what you need to work on, and place no blame.  Blame is dangerous territory.  It takes you places where you have no responsibility and being a victim is the name of the game.  I used to be a part of the victim community, and now they have lost my name badge, my seating card, my dance card, and they don’t even know what I look like anymore. Phew! I thought I would never get out of there. With support of friends, a leadership community, and my own self-discovery, I accepted my courageous life. The same can be said for you. You are who you are because of the road you have traveled. You are who you are because you made choices you thought were in your best interest at the time. No blame, just choices. As they say, “hindsight is always 20-20.”

When you take the time to to reflect and see that you are the only one responsible for who you are. Stand up and cheer. Then pull yourself up off the floor and accept your courageous life, baggage and all. There is wonder in you. There is beauty in you. You=Fabulous. Now your challenge is…put a smile on your face, lean forward and accept your courageous life, hold on, and enjoy the ride.



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  1. WOW! I REALLY loved that one! It spoke to my phobias bout travel.

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